Assembly House
As the culmination of the 2016 graduate residency programme, our resident artists present ‘Resurfacing Imprints’; a showcase of Visual Art & Contemporary Dance.

Resurfacing Imprints presents a collaborative orchestration of sound, light, projection, objects and performance. Bridging the gap between visual arts and contemporary dance, the show provides a setting for generating new cultural production.

The space acts as an excavation site revealing a layering of natural, technological and bodily forms. A consideration into notions of physical matter against digital time is offered up alongside a framework of geology and myth.

…Figures weave in and out of the glowing terrains… as imageries become entwined with raw material of the earth… fossils crumble and a lightning bolt clicks…


Visual artist: Naomi Ellis
Freelance contemporary dancers: Ella Ballard, Liv Calder and Jess Smith